Executive Director

Asian American Chamber of Commerce - St. Louis
Job Description
Date: April 2017
Position: Executive Director, Asian American Chamber of Commerce of St. Louis
Reports to: President, Board of Directors
Job Description:

The Executive Director of the Asian American Chamber of Commerce St. Louis (AACC) will accomplish the mission of the AACC through implementation of the objectives determined by its Board of Directors. The Executive Director will lead the AACC toward advancing its mission by creating new possibilities for activities, initiatives, leveraging resources, and establishing partnerships.  The Executive Director will manage all operations ensuring proper fiscal and operational management.
General Duties/Responsibilities: 
  • Provide vision and strategic insight to the AACC Board for fulfilling the mission of the AACC
  • Direct priorities for activities consistent with the AACC mission and objectives
  • Develop an annual implementation plan with the AACC Board’s input and review
  • Identify opportunities to leverage resources to maximize the impact of advocacy for the AACC and the St. Louis Asian community, both domestically and internationally
  • Attend meetings, conferences and review media to maintain current awareness of the thinking, issues, and influencers vital to the interests of the AACC and the St. Louis Asian community
  • Assess AACC accomplishments and opportunities for improvements, reporting on them to the AACC Board for future actions
  • Identify St. Louis individuals who are government, civic, and business leaders involved with the St. Louis Asian community and have made advancements towards the interests of the St. Louis Asian community
  • Advance the mission and objectives of the AACC by serving as its main representative for all AACC stakeholders including the Board, AACC members, the St. Louis Asian community, and associated partners
  • Develop and monitor an AACC communication strategy for internal and external messaging
  • Seek speaking opportunities on the activities of the AACC and interests of the St. Louis Asian community
  • Raise corporate sponsorships for the annual Connections Dinner and Golf Tournament
  • Grant writing for AACC initiatives
  • Management of the member database as well as new member acquisition
  • Foster and retain strategic partnerships
  • Ensure that current programs further the AACC’s mission to build a community of Asian professionals, Asian business owners, and those engaging in business throughout Asia
  • Ensure that programs meet the expectations of the Board and other stakeholders, and fulfill one or more of the organization’s stated objectives:
    • Serve as a connector for St. Louis businesses to the Asian community
    • Provide professional development opportunities for Asian professionals and Asian-owned businesses
    • Connect St. Louis businesses to Asia
    • Attract Asian foreign direct investment to the St. Louis metro area
  • Identify new programs and methods to accomplish the mission of the AACC
  • Provide oversight and guidance on the development of new programs
Business Development:
  • Identify and develop new sources for revenue
  • Explore funding opportunities via grants and engage in grant writing, application, implementation, and reporting
  • Identify potential AACC members
  • Management of member database
Board Responsibilities:
  • Report quarterly to the AACC Board on the activities of the AACC
  • Identify legislative issues and policies that require the attention of the Board
  • Work with the Board to and guide Board meetings allowing for discussion and input
  • Identify potential candidates for the Board of Directors
Term and Performance Evaluation:
  • Annual review by AACC President based upon achievement of established goals
  • Permanent, Full-time
  • Salary: $45,000

The Executive Director will have extensive experience in management of organizations with comparable size and mission, possess sufficient expertise on issues relevant to the Asian community to make well-informed mission-related decisions and command the confidence and respect of stakeholders necessary to serve as the leader of the AACC. The Executive Director should have:
  • a minimum of five years of similar work experience
  • Bachelor’s degree, graduate Level preferred (but not required)
  • Strong planning, interpersonal, communications, and networking skills
Other Requirements:
  • Must be able to travel regularly in the St. Louis area and occasionally nationally and internationally
  • Must be willing to submit to a background/credit check
Contact Information

Our vision is to be instrumental in connecting Asian American businesses and organizations in the St. Louis region as well as positioning this region to be internationally competitive.